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Truck Builds & Modifications
Cutters Fab offers a custom truck box build to clients with specialized delivery operations. The pictures featured on this page show a 10’ custom truck box designed for a client in 2019.
The truck box panels are formed from aluminum for a lightweight design and incorporate 1” high-density foam for optimal insulation. Inside, the box floor is built from fully sealed aluminum diamond plate, allowing for easy power washing and cleaning of the internal structure without a risk of damage.
Available add-ons:
  • Custom access doors
  • Interior racking system
  • Tire swings
  • Tool and supply storage solutions
Custom Truck Box Builds
The Cutters Fab custom truck retrofit is ideal for commercial food industry clients seeking an economical alternative to traditional delivery options.
This internal and external redesign of reasonably priced box trucks includes the installation of custom doors, specialized internal design features to simplify the loading and unloading process, and custom-built bakery racks capable of transporting a maximum of 5700 baked goods per run. The truck retrofit is a valuable tool for increasing route efficiency and lowering delivery costs.
Custom Truck Retrofits
We've worked with local Phoenix food truck owners to remodel and redesign the interiors of their trucks and trailers, including adding stainless steel wall paneling and lighting, installing food service windows, fabricating prep tables and dough stands, adding generator storage spaces, and even designing and installing a motorized, roll-out brick pizza oven.
Each of our food truck clients has a different idea of the type of setup that will work best for them, and we enjoy sitting down to discuss creative ways that our capabilities can meet their needs.
Food Truck & Trailer Remodels
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