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Foodsafe Products & Innovations

The nesting sheet pan rack is a lightweight, space-saving Z-frame design favored by the commercial food industry. Where 10 traditional sheet pan racks would occupy 35.63 square feet of space, the nesting Z-frame racks occupy less than half that amount at just 15.21 square feet when not in use. Cutters frequently sells these versatile racks to commercial bakeries.

Frames are made from aluminum or stainless steel, with frames made from 1" tubing reinforced with 0.125” angles for rigidity and durability. Each shelf is able to hold trays or platters up to 18” x  26”. Stainless steel casters prevent rust and wear and allow for easy maneuverability between kitchens and patient floors. Custom shelf spacing available to accommodate trays and plate covers in various sizes.

Nesting Sheet Pan Racks

Dough tables are created at custom sizes for clients in the commercial food service industry. A cutting board counter in the basin of the tabletop design provides a sanitary, convenient work space, while stainless steel sides contain the dough as it rises through the production process. Sides are removable for easy cleaning while casters make the entire structure convenient to maneuver.

This sanitary design design prevents food from becoming lodged in cracks and crevices and allows for more thorough sanitation of surfaces between dough production efforts, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Sanitary Dough Table

Cutters Fab designed its trademark Cold Cube for commercial food industry clients. Fully insulated by high-density foam and an airtight seal, this rigidly constructed box maintains a consistent internal temperature for up to 24 hours in external ambient temperatures of 100+ degrees. An aluminum frame and caster wheels make the design lightweight and easy to maneuver.


The true worth of the Cold Cube lies with its ability to keep perishable food items at regulation temperatures in worst-case-scenario situations. Where mechanical refrigeration can fail your company breaking down in hot weather, the Cold Cube won’t.

Cold Cube Storage
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