Specialized Equipment

Non-electric, adjustable medical field bed made from stainless steel with retractable side guards. Designed for emergency set up or short-term care.  This product can be adjusted to allow patients to sit upright, recline, or lie flat. Easy to use and easy to disinfect. Covered, high-resiliency foam mattress pad included.


  • Stainless steel construction

  • 80" in length

  • 32.5" in height (top of mattress)

  • 36" wide

  • 42.75" side guard length

  • 6.5" casters

The manual, adjustable medical field bed is designated as a 501(k) exempt Class I medical device by the Food & Drug Administration. 

Medical Field Bed

See How It Works

Left: A demonstration of the bed's manual adjustable features while in use by a patient.

Above: Clear views of the bed's adjustable parts and functions.

Enclosed plastic design provides a barrier between healthcare workers and patients who require intubation.


  • 0.25" clear cast acrylic

  • 19.75" wide

  • 19.75" tall

  • 15.75" deep

  • 4.25" diameter access ports

  • Custom sizing available

Intubation Shield


Highly maneuverable mobile cart designed for the transport of supplies, equipment, and tools between locations in a medical setting. Sanitary stainless steel construction with three levels of 1.5" deep trays.


  • Stainless steel construction

  • 30" length

  • 16" wide

  • 36" tall

  • 1.5" deep trays

  • Hemmed edges

  • 6.5" casters

Mobile Medical Cart

Cutters Fab Medical Cart Alternate View
Cutters Fab Medical Cart Alternate View


The nesting food tray rack is a lightweight, space-saving Z-frame design favored by the commercial food industry. Where 10 traditional tray racks would occupy 35.63 square feet of space, the nesting Z-frame racks occupy less than half that amount at just 15.21 square feet when not in use.

Frames are made from aluminum or stainless steel, with frames made from 1" tubing reinforced with 0.125” angles for rigidity and durability. Each shelf is able to hold trays or platters up to 18” x  26”. Stainless steel casters prevent rust and wear and allow for easy maneuverability between kitchens and patient floors. Custom shelf spacing available to accommodate trays and plate covers in various sizes.

Nesting Food Tray Racks
Cutters Medical Food Tray Rack
Cutters Medical Food Tray Rack

Cutters Grouped Medical Food Tray Racks
Cutters Grouped Medical Food Tray Racks

Cutters Nested Medical Food Tray Racks
Cutters Nested Medical Food Tray Racks

Cutters Medical Food Tray Rack
Cutters Medical Food Tray Rack

Other Medical Equipment

Cutters has the ability to produce custom designs for the medical community, along with the following commonly used equipment:

  • Medical utility carts

  • Hemmed stainless steel tables

  • Anesthesia shields

  • Medical instrument stands

  • Medication carts

Please reach out to us for more information about these products or to discuss any unique equipment needs.