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Cutters Produces High-Quality Bakery Cases for Clients Nationwide

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Operating out of two neighboring shops in Tempe, Arizona, Cutters Fabrication Solutions set up its expanded operations in 2016 with a primary goal: to build a higher quality bakery display case at a better price for its clients in the food services industry. Since then, Cutters Fabrication Solutions has widened its business model and equipment list to cater to the metal fabrication and precision sheet metal needs of clients across many industries, including those in transport, distribution, and manufacturing. However, as it extends its reach to accommodate exciting new partnerships with companies in other sectors, its innovative bakery case design remains a key element of its operations.

Of the four sizes of bakery cases that Cutters Fab currently produces for retailers across the country, the 40CUT model is the company’s first and most popular product. Built with durable 18-gauge steel and standing 64 inches tall, the 40CUT was designed with the consumer in mind, offering baked goods suppliers a tasteful, modern-looking case that presents product across 29 square feet of display surface under an elegant and appetizing light. The glow is produced from within the case by 19 linear feet of LED lighting, viewable through tempered glass windows on three sides. For further customer convenience, the 40CUT model is outfitted with hold-open doors on commercial hinges, which stay open at 100 degrees and close softly onto magnetic door gaskets, creating an airtight seal.

Apart from consumer appeal, the 40CUT model was designed to be simple for restaurant and convenience store employees to clean, organize, and move. The 20-gauge stainless steel shelves are outfitted with curved shelf lips for easier dusting and wipe-downs, while the bottom of the case is equipped with four polyurethane caster wheels for greater maneuverability when cleaning or repositioning. The base below the display cabinet incorporates a broad open storage space to place bags, boxes, and tissues for consumer use, along with a space for extra supply storage hidden behind two access doors.

Cases produced by Cutters Fabrication Solutions can be found across the U.S. inside the major convenience store and gas station chains Circle K and United Pacific. Its 31CUT and 55CUT models bear the same features as the 40CUT, giving customers the option to select a quality case at a size which best suits their spatial needs. Our smallest case design, the 27CUT, is a miniaturized countertop cabinet ideal for customers with limited floor space or little need for a large case to store doughnuts and other baked goods. Each bakery produced by Cutters Fab is proudly cut, formed, and assembled in Tempe, Arizona, U.S.A.

To learn more about the design and specs of Cutters Fabrication Solutions bakery cases, check out the “Products” page of our website here.


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