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Cutters Fab Takes on Projects Large and Small with 4400kW Laser Cutter

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Honest. Creative. On time. Cutters Fab believes that what truly sets our company apart from other fabrication shops in the Phoenix area is our customer service. But beyond the way we work diligently to meet the needs of every customer who enters the shop, Cutters Fabrication Solutions also takes pride in the wide range of equipment we maintain—the tools that enable us to complete even the most difficult projects with professionalism, accuracy, and speed.

One of the most important pieces of equipment that Cutters Fab relies on to complete challenging jobs is our Bystronic BySpeed 3015 4400kW CNC laser cutting machine. Below, we review the top three most useful benefits that our high-power precision laser cutter has to offer your next project.

1. Clean lines at an unrivaled speed

The CO2 laser cuts all permissible materials swiftly while maintaining a high cut quality. Capable of cutting through mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, wood, plastic, and cardboard, the laser creates clean lines and edges with zero warping, allowing for a seamless end product. The laser’s thickness capabilities on our most frequently used metals include up to 1” for mild steel, 0.75” for stainless steel, and 0.25” for aluminum.

2. Highly customizable designs

Unlike other types of metal fabrication equipment, the laser at Cutters Fabrication Solutions is not limited by the tools immediately available inside the shop. Our laser cutter can be used to cut parts of any shape and size, at a kerf as thin as 0.1 millimeter wide. The highly customizable nature of our laser makes it easy to seamlessly cut any design, no matter how intricate. From small custom parts like simple brackets to large business signs which require the full use of the machine’s 5’ x 10’ maximum sheet size, our laser does it all.

3. Top-notch products at an affordable price

Using our laser to cut parts customers need means that production costs are minimal. Not only does the laser cutter bypass the need for hard-tooling during setup, which reduces our labor costs, but the precision of built-in cutting techniques like nesting greatly reduce the amount of scrap metal created in the course of each project. Altogether, this makes the process much more economical. Every dollar saved by Cutters Fab is a savings that we’re happy to pass on to our customers, making our laser cutting services extremely affordable for the quality of work produced.

To see our laser cutter in action, check out the video on the Cutters Fab YouTube channel or stop by our shop at 6448 S. Ash Avenue in Tempe, Arizona.


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