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Cutters Fab Creates Custom Truck Retrofit to Maximize Client Route Efficiency

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Cutters Fabrication Solutions is proud to be responsible for the design and construction of several innovative products intended to meet the specific needs of clients in the commercial food industry. One of these products, the Cutters Fab bakery display case, was detailed in a previous post, but today we’re excited to write about another of our favorite custom designs: the specialized distribution truck retrofit.

The Cutters Fab truck retrofit was the design team’s answer to a client’s need for a baked goods delivery truck that was small enough to be highly maneuverable and cost efficient, yet capable of hauling a large amount of product for transport each night. The client also asked for an accessible design that would simplify the process of loading and unloading product. The ultimate goal was maximum route efficiency at an affordable price, and with these parameters in mind, the Cutters Fab team got to work designing a solution that would accommodate all of the client’s needs. The end result of this brainstorming session was the specialized distribution truck retrofit.

The retrofit centered on the use of the client’s preferred model of moderately priced box truck as a base. The Cutters fabrication team then outfitted the truck with custom doors and a number of specialized internal design features that allowed for easier loading and unloading of baked goods during routes. With the addition of custom bakery racks designed to fit precisely and securely inside of the box truck’s storage space, these renovated vehicles were equipped to transport over 5700 of the client’s baked goods per truck. This allowed the client to deliver more product at each route stop, as well as deliver to more stops out of each truck, ultimately reducing the number of trucks the client needed to purchase, maintain, and insure.

To this day, Cutters Fabrication Solutions maintains its partnership with this particular client, continuing to outfit new delivery trucks on a weekly basis. Just as the truck retrofit was designed to solve a specific client issue, Cutters Fab is ready to sit down with your company to find solutions that fulfill your most pressing equipment needs. To schedule a meeting with our design team, call (480) 831-3072 or send an email to


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