No design drawings? No problem. The creative Cutters Fab programming and design team will work with you to develop a custom project that meets your needs. Give us the details over email, by phone, or at our office in Tempe, Arizona, and we'll provide you with mock-up CAD drawings of the project for your approval. Our team also renders projects in 3D to ensure the accuracy and functionality of every aspect of the product.
We have years of experience in creating unique, food-safe designs that maximize work efficiency in the commercial food industry, but we have also worked with clients from areas as varied as the automotive, home decor, and nonprofit sectors. Let our experience help you maximize the potential of your project.

Custom Design Examples

Food-Safe Dough Table
Cutters Proofing Cabinet 3D.png
Proofing Box
Screen Dolly
Cutters Pan Rack Drawing.png
Pan Rack
Bakery Rack 3D Rendered.png
Bakery Pan Rack
Cutters Fab Traveler Rack.jpg
Traveler Product Cart